With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time, finally, to choose the most kawaii/kowaii style that you’ll love to death. Get inspired with our selection and create your most spooky look of the year!


No good Halloween without at least a Red Queen and a sexy black Cat! ニャニャ


Impossible also to resist the deadly charm of a Zombie Nurse or a savagely assassinated High School Girl!


Don’t worry though, Wonder Woman is here to make sure you’ll survive the night, as well as the Racing girl, so ready to prepare an escape road!


You could also choose to be a Cute Vampire Girl, all sweet and charming.


Of course, Ken and his Barbie Girls would never miss that bloody party!


And what about to try the Alice In Wonderland Look, even though Alice might have been attacked by several zombies long ago and turned into one! Lovely!


No matter the monster you choose, you can always turn it into its queen version! Here goes the girly Jacques Sullivan and a Little Green Man.


Don’t forget to get the perfect fangs too!


And of course, no Halloween party can be perfect without the classics Zombies Girls!

Have a good Halloween Night everyone!

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