Hi cherry’s, how are you?

We have a real good news for all fans of the model Fujita Nicole:

She will open her first clothing store at SHIBUYA 109 on February 18th.
She has as partner the fashion shop “NiCORON (Nicolon)” and this collection created by Fujita Nicole by herslef and has as its base theme : quality fashion for everyone no matter their social class!

The model is investing in clothing accessible to all the public and thus having a more affordable price to the entire population.

For those who are interested in clothes but who do not live in Japan the inaugurated store will be made available in the website “STRIPE CLUB” and “ZOZOTOWN”‘s website from the 20th of February !

Fujita Nicole commented:
“I think it’s cool for those who like their own fashion with a relaxed mood rather than making fashion, because they are very enthusiastic and I thought it’ll be nice if I could increase the tension even a little for the girls who are doing their best to make their dreams come into their fashion.I would produce it. ”

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