Tokyo is a totally unique fashion scene that has many fans around the world. Japan’s capital is known for its diversity of style and communities, that is why it is the ultimate destination for the ones who want to find inspiration and new ideas. This diversity of shops and style makes Tokyo the Asian Mecca of fashion.
In such a big city, it is sometimes hard to find what you want.
Here are the 20 best shopping spots in the city!

Edgy Fashion : the best select shop


Candy   (Fake Tokyo) : the fashionista paradise. This is the hypest select shop in Tokyo, celebrities from all around the world come shop there to get their hands on underground designers’ pieces. For extreme fashion lovers it is definitely a must-go place.

Gr8  hiphop fans will love this shop based inside Laforet building in Harajuku. They mainly have street style men’s clothing but girls can also find cool accessories.

Faline Tokyo is a tiny select shop selling pin-up and sixties inspired brands with a very sweet touch.

Opening Ceremony also exists in Japan and has a good selection of various designers with amazing displays.

Vintage shopping: the good places


°Ragtag is a chain shop that buys and sells second hand clothing. You can find really good deal on designer clothes (Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, Alexander Wang, …). They have shops in all the main shopping districts.

°Closet Child is a second hand shop specialized in Lolita clothing, visual kei clothing, CDs and goodies. They have shops in Harajuku, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

° Kinji is a vintage shop based in Harajuku, just in front of Laforet. You have a large choice of used clothings and real vintage pieces (90’s, 80’s). They especially have a big section for Mori girl/Fairy kei fashion clothes.

° Haight and Ashbury is a small shop that only does vintage clothing based in Shimokitazawa. A real cave of treasures for vintage lovers (men and women) but be aware that the prices are quite high.

–> The place to be for vintage and second hand clothing is Shimokitaza (5 minutes by train from Shibuya with the Inokashira line, 10 from Shinjuku with the Odakyu line).
You should also check out the Koenji district (10 minutes from Shinjuku by Chuo line) for rock lovers and remade clothing shops.
Harajuku has also few vintage shops but be careful, it can be very pricy. If you want something unique, remade clothing, shops such as Dog where Lady Gaga herself always goes shopping, is a must in its genre.

Cheap and cute: a souvenir to bring back home


Daiso is the King of 100 yens shops and the largest one is on Takeshita Street (Harajuku). You may think that they only sell crappy stuff but they actually have everything you can think about in very cute designs. If you are on a budget for souvenirs or if you want to redecorate your interior back home with a touch of Japan, check out Daiso!

Swimmer is an accessory shop that you sometimes find in shopping centers like Laforet Harajuku, Alta Shinjuku. Their designs are vintage cute and everything is quite cheap (around 400 yens).

Paris Kids is not a French brand but a jewellery and accessory Japanese brand. You can find them on Takeshita Street.

Abab is the perfect shopping place if you like gyaru clothing but can’t afford 109 brands. The quality is maybe not there but they are really close to trends.

Unique craft: Japan

Design Festa Gallery
Design Festa Gallery

Loft : on the first floor, you have a seasonal display (Valentine’s day, cherry blossom, Halloween…) with a special selection. You can spend a whole day just wandering in this magical shop where you want to buy everything.

Design Festa is an art Gallery and a unique place in Tokyo where you can check various artists’ works, take a drink or grab lunch. Some artists are selling goodies and art pieces.

Laforet, inside Laforet if you want Japanese designer and indies labels, I recommend you these shops : ZZZ produce by fäfä (pink and cute), Joe & Ruban, Dahlia, NILE PERCH, BeautiK , YOSHiKO CREATiON.

Asian Cosmetics


Isetan is the best service you can find in Tokyo for high brand cosmetics. Almost every brand has a corner, and the staff will have good recommendations for you. Isetan is a very chic place that you cannot miss if in Tokyo.

Matsumoto kiyoshi is a very classic drug store where you can find beauty and hygiene products. As a foreigner it’s not always easy to find basic life products.

Plaza has a large choice of foreign cosmetics and snacks.

—> Since you are in Asia, why not take a look at the other giant of cosmetics : Korea. Cosmetics from Korea are known for being cheap and efficient, they are leaders in many areas. To shop Korean cosmetics go to Shin-Okubo (in Shinjuku area)  and while you are there, take time to eat at a Korean barbecue restaurant.
Etude House is a very popular brand among young girls because it’s cute and inexpensive. Etude House has few shops around Tokyo (inside Laforet and inside Lumine Est in Shinjuku).

Voilà! Now, you already have your shopping route made for your next trip in Tokyo!

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