Everyone knows about the 1990’s Japanese high school girls strong affection for baggy or loose socks. If the trend is a bit outdated today, Japanese girls still seem to see the fashion potential of apparent socks.

While we desperatly try to hide them, they are often wearing theirs with high heels, derbies, low boots, ballerinas or even sandals in the summer. Let’s be honest: this is extremly comfortable, especially during Japan’s humid hot season, very convenient to stretch the leather of brand new shoes and, of course, more practical when you need to take them off all the time. But what about those matching socks and shoes looks?

We do like the opportunity to twist or coordinate an outfit with, for example, lace, transparent or graphic printed socks, and the amazing possibilities offered by Japan’s extensive range of available designs.

Would you try this trendy combination this fall or next summer?


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