You probably already know it, but Japan truly is accessory’s paradise. Hats, socks, scarves, bags or gloves are everywhere and light up every Japanese boys and girls outfits. If you like original pieces of jewellery, you’re at the right place as well. Want to get cool and unique Japanese accessories? Here are two examples of young designers very different works you would like to bring home for sure: Pfütze and Hima Kawagoe.

Pfütze: nature at work

The jewellery brand Pfütze (German for “puddle”) has been created by Yasutaka Kita and Ayako Kaku, two art and design students, in 2007. Inspired by 
nature’s forms and phenomena, they produce amazingly graceful handmade accessories collections in silver and gold only. Water drops, stars, flowers, stones, leaves, clouds, clovers, thunders, mineral crystals, honeycombs, seeds, twigs, planets orbits, pine needles… All those simple little nothings are magically turned into infinitely desirable objects.

Japanese accessories - Pfütze Japanese accessories - Pfütze Japanese accessories - Pfütze Japanese accessories - Pfütze Japanese accessories - PfützeJapanese accessories - Pfütze

Bewitched? You can find Pfütze unique jewellery collections in different Tokyo stores like Wall (Laforet, first floor) or Spiral Market (on Minami-Aoyama, second floor). More designs on Pfütze’s website and Instagram account.

Hima Kawagoe: from paper to reality

A few years ago, Hima Kawagoe was, in her own words, “only an illustrator“. Today, if she still draws cool visual materials and manages a small record label, the Tokyo young lady is also making dreamy and unconventional accessories under the brand hima://KAWAGOE. Tokyo Street Style’s favorites: the doll eye pendant “Memeo“ (the artist’s best-seller originally designed to recycle false eyelashes) and the bird wing hairpin or brooch, two Japanese accessories able to twist with character the simplest looks!

Japanese accessories - Hima KawagoeJapanese accessories - Hima Kawagoe Japanese accessories - Hima KawagoeJapanese accessories - Hima Kawagoe

To find those handmade fancy resin pieces in Tokyo, please check Hima’s website or get in touch with her through her Tumblr.

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