Visiting Tokyo is now way easier thanks to the Harajuku culture promoter Asobi System’s smart concept, Moshi Moshi Box, that just opened this Christmas in front of Takeshita street.

Moshi Moshi Box Harajuku

After Moshi Moshi Nippon events that promote Cool Japan all over the world, Moshi Moshi Box is “striving to make Japanese culture more accessible to the world, making Japan a more reachable destination when planning international holidays”.

Lost in Harajuku?

This first Harajuku’s tourist information space (more Moshi Moshi Boxes will open through Tokyo in 2015) located in Takeshita street is offering various international services. You can find there a souvenir shop, a wi-fi connection, a free access to PC and smartphone chargers, a bilingual information center, and you can even enjoy Harajuku typical crepes outside the shop. Isn’t it convenient?

More information:

Moshi Moshi Box Harajuku

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