Vogue Japan‘s February 2015 edition featured “Techno Brigade”, a fashion story inspired by Korean pop culture. Styled by Anna Dello Russo, Vogue Japan editor, this Korean touch brings a breath of fresh air in Japan fashion press.

This shooting’s models include Soo Joo Park, Malaika Firth, Do Byung Wook, Sang Woo Kim, Anna Selezneva and also 2NE1 and G Dragon stylist, XIN.




In South Korean’s music industry, the hiphop scene imposed a high brand street fashion code with a very edgy and futuristic touch. As shown on this fashion story, Korean are always on top of technology industry and always eager to discover young talented designers. This Korean hiphop style is strongly influenced by London indies designers, which are the “hypest dope” in Asia. Indeed, brands like Nasir Mazhar or KTZ are selling like hot cakes in Tokyo and Seoul select shops. Therefore, the strong vibes from Korean fashion have an obvious influence on Japanese fashion scene, and even at Tokyo Fashion Week Korean labels such as 99%IS leads the parade.

Unquestionably, South Korean pop culture has something to bring to the fashion world and we should start to closely follow what is happening in Asian fashion weeks if we want to stay up-to-date.

Photos by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Japan.

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