Girls Award : Girls Radio Station

“Japan latest fashion and music event!”
from Shibuya to Asia, and to the world.

Latest fashion event before summer,  Girls Award is celebrating its 5th anniversary at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

This time, Girls award is not just about fashion it’s also a big music event, at this occasion artists such as AKB48 or Korean girls band Apink performed on stage to gave positive energy and fun with popular songs. The prettiest models were all there too.

“wow! now, this is entertainment!” was my impression at the end of the festival. From 2pm to 8:30 pm I enjoyed a non-stop show with laugh and emotions. The level was really high this year, none of the brand was high-street but I didn’t care at all since the styling and hair makeup of these beautiful models was done to perfection. Fashion shows were rythmed by live stage from top chart artists. The venue really heat-up with PKCZ, a DJ collective with the biggest star of Japan hip hop stage :Verbal,  . They invited secret guest to perform with them, and the crowd was more than excited by the appearance of those super stars : Krystal K,
Girls Award a rempli its goal to show the world what Japan is capable of in terms of fashion and entertainment. I really felt this Japan vibes that makes every foreigner fall in love with Tokyo, a sense of aesthetic unique and sensitive, a pure genie for conceptualisation. Even me, who is quite not a big fan of idol group, couldn’t resist to sing along AKB48’s “heavy rotation”.

The omiyage bag (souvenir bag) offered by GA’s sponsors was also full of generous size sample to bring bag home to try.

Artists and models also came as secret guest to make their promotion on their new drama. As the fan didn’t expect them, their appearance on stage created a real xxx.

The whole show has a very summer vibe, models were beautifully tanned and has a very healthy glow with beach hair, natural yet cute make-up typical from Tokyo girls. Most of the brands featured on Girls Award were (fast fashion) one and presented quite simple outfit. If you want to see originality and decadence, it was not the good place. But, if you are a Shibuya fashion lover it was the best festival to see the latest trend and affordable collection to complete your wardrobe for summer.

Really high level show, and no time to be bored between fashion shows, special stage, live performance, talk shows, …

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