“Nail Art is the new Lipstick”.
In Fashion all the quotes are always true, but never before one have been so out of time. Always trendy, no matter the season, the Nail Art is a must-have for every girl who’s taking care of every details.

Take a look at this quick selection and get inspired for this winter too:

1 - Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland: Try the snowflakes and the pure white look. A basic for the season.


Black x Diamonds, Flowers x Gold Touch: Nail Art isn’t only cute, it can be extremely sexy as well.


Turquoise mixed with sweet pink, add some glitter and golden-silver pikes: You’ll obtain a style as punky as delicious.


Bling Bling overdose: Try the total look, the diamonds, the flowers, the butterflies and the ribbons on some grey and pink leopard design! Of course with some atomic rings too!

5 - Mermaid Inspiration

Mermaid Inspiration: Who says the “ocean style” is only for summer? With some golden anchor and some shells on a purple-bluish color, it’s a perfect combination.

6 - Aice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland: Extremely famous and appreciated, the Wonderland theme is a basic for every fashionista (Tsubasa is crazy about it too).

7 - Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Nail Art: With Luna or Artemis, with some zodiac signs or moon and stars (without forgetting the little ribbons too), the Sailor Moon design cannot be complete without the glittering touch! For all the nostalgic girls and others.


All in Purple: Try only one color for your Nail Art. Somehow very different and simple (though the design is very sophisticated).

9 - Barbie

Barbie Style: Impossible to forget Barbie during a fashion talk. Extremely girly and cute, the American model is the ideal icon for every Nail Art.


Back to Gals Basics: Always pretty and stylish.

11 - Flower Inspiration

Flower Inspiration: Using pastel colors and some design from the Mermaid Style, flowers works miraculously!


Darky Style: Didn’t we tell you? Gold and Black are the winning combination! Add a mystic touch and you’ll have everything.


Roses x Skull: Mix some sweet and dark influences together, do the same with the colors and play with your style.


All Pink-style: The glittering pink, full of passion and girly attitude.


To the moon and back: For a simply beautiful and mesmerizing look.

Recommended Places!

Two popular Gal Nail Shops are RoungE and Carry, both located in Shibuya (though you may find those brands in others districts too). Don’t hesitate to try it!

While RoungE is capable of extreme nail art, their specialty is doing simple and elegant nails.

On the other hand, Carry also has the more typical nail salon set-up, less princess-like than RoungE, you get the feeling you’re almost in a Nail Art Salon in the States.


And remember before going to any Nail Art Salon, make an appointment and show up exactly on time.

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