Before A9 Xmas Live “the DIVINE”, we met HIROTO – one of the guitarist – to discuss about the renewal of the band and its last EP Ginga no Oto. Enjoy!

Same members, same spirit, but as the band is now coming independent, what are you aiming for?

HIROTO: We’ve been working together for eleven years now – as a band -, and right now we are in the best environment, for creativity, to make music. We’re then looking for the next eleven years. We don’t really know yet how to evolve to our maximum but we are really looking forward to see what kind of future is waiting for us and for the fans as well. It’s kindda like a journey. If it had to tell you for what we’re aiming for exactly, I would say: Do you know the venue Nippon Budokan? We do want to play there again, as well as going on a world tour.

You came back with Ginga no Oto… First, why did you choose this title? What “the sound of the galaxy” means to you?

We have a strong relationship with this universe, all that’s included with the words Galaxy, Stars… We have a lot of titles based on that.

Like “Stargazer”, “Rainbows”…

Yes! And the first tour we did – with the Budokan – was the Tokyo Galaxy Tour, so when we decided to have this new start, with the new name, we wanted to use a universe we were already related to.

We really wanted to make a strong impression with this album. Right now we are eager to make things and so maybe we’re in a more aggressive stage, as a good and positive aggressive one. 

The first song of the EP is called “Phoenix”, composed by Saga {the bass player}, right?

Indeed, that’s actually the first song we made for A9.

I guess it symbolizes the rebirth of the band?

The Phoenix can be reborn many times, it never dies. It’s the same thing for us, no matter how many times, no matter what we go through, we will reborn and go on with music.

I think this song mixes some traditional sounds with more rock influences…

For our very first album, Zekkeishoku, the concept was to mix different cultures so ten years later, it’s kindda like the same thing for “Phoenix”. With a stronger heart, with the same team. That’s why too, in the video for “Spiegel”, it’s an all-white concept. The white for us is the beginning, where you can add more colors with the time. All of this album is to symbolize our fresh start and the many things that will come from that from now on.

Speaking about this second song, “Spiegel”, why did you choose a German word and what does it means?

It means Mirror. Actually, we wanted to name this song like that but there were already another song with this tittle {“Mirror Ball”}. The lyrics though were perfect for that name so we decided to keep the exact meaning, only naming it in another language.

Let’s talk about “Freesia no Saku Basho” {フリージアの咲く場所} then, how did you come up with the orchestra?

On this album, there is no synthesizer, the only sound comes from us five, nothing more, and nothing less. But we still wanted a song with other instruments. At first, we wanted to put traditional instruments, but by chance we had the opportunity to meet Yoshimata Ryo-san, he’s a well-known composer for Taiga-historical dramas usually, it was like a “fated meeting”. And that’s why it became so orchestral.

Am I right in supposing that somehow some parts, especially the soft ones, are similar in a way to “Gemini”?

The composer was Saga, and so indeed the theme for “Freesia” was too imagined by him. When he composes, it’s all part of a story, it’s very natural, that’s probably why there’s a link between those two. We really love “Gemini” ourselves, and we maybe wanted to bring out the essence of that song once more. To create something really really good again.

On “Juudan” {} though, the guitar parts are much more heavier… What did you have in mind when composing that one? Why did you name it “Bullet”?

You know, we’re not searching for a metal-like sound, I think maybe it’s because right now we are eager to make things and so maybe we’re in a more aggressive stage, as a good and positive aggressive one. We really wanted to make a strong impression with this album. We also put the more aggressive song at the end of the EP for it to sound like an invitation for the listener to come to our shows and experience our music in the flesh during a live. To keep the energy going.

And who do you wanted to shot with this bullet?

A lot of people! (*laugh*) Maybe myself? It might be to hit fans too, not in a lethal way, but to show commitment, in a mean of communication, to shoot out energy.

And so there is the last one “PRAY”, it’s an instrumental one, delivering a dreamy, electronic-atmospheric melody… Really like a beautiful dream…

I’m the one who composed it.

This electro-vibe reminds me of “Hana”, can we expect more of that sound?

Probably not… We want to concentrate more on our five favorite sounds. The five that we can play the best. In our last album, Supernova, we used a lot of electro so we felt like for now, we’ve completed all we wanted to do with this kind of music.

Maybe few last words to end this interview?

You know during our “hiatus”, we all did some things on our own, some of us even worked on solo projects, but for all of us we wanted the band to be somewhere to come back to, we needed it like that. We did hope it will be the same for the fans, and maybe the prayers were to bring everybody back together.

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