When discussing with Miyavi about his latest album, The Others, it’s all his philosophic world that he reveals with passion. A fascinating moment far from the fashion talk intended at the start, or that you may expect on TSS MAG.

Let’s talk about The Others, your latest album, on which you’ve changed for a Telecaster guitar. It really gives an electric, more aggressive sound, it’s kindda addictive even…

Miyavi: Ah yeah, well first I must tell you, I’ve recorded this album in Nashville. I moved to the States last year, after my World Tour and it was so good. In Nashville, there is nothing to do but music. The vibrations, the vibes, it’s all about music there. The first time I’ve stayed in the city, I was in a bar and discovered all about this country music, I don’t listen that kind of stuff and I felt really “bizarre”, you know. But it was really good! Actually, all about music is about instinct, natural feelings, it’s from the experience of your life. And for the change to the Telecaster Guitar it’s because it’s a lot heavier. More edgier. You know, I’ve always loved the sound of the Shamisen, and I tried to put that same passion in my performances with the acoustic guitar first but when you have a drummer, a DJ with you, there’s gotta be more energy and an edge. I’ve always tried to find my original sound and finally it’s all about your heart and your style. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing a cheap or an expensive guitar. It’s always about you and this time, I’ve found a Telecaster and really loved that bite it produces.

You know everyone calls me the Samurai Guitarist, but I don’t kill people, with my guitar I want to make people to feel excited and positive.

Talking about that bite, that something you really feel on your first song “Cruel”…

Miyavi: To open this album, I think it was important to depict everything that goes wrong in the world. It’s more theatrical… I even get inspired by Akira, you know the Japanese anime, because human beings keeps doing mistakes, fighting each other, corrupting everything… The concept of The Others anyway is to be connected with other people, to unite, to share the moment. That’s what I been feeling onstage for a long, long time. You also need to accept yourself to be united with others.

And there is also a good surprise on the album: “Shangri-La” of Denki-Groove, how did you come up with this cover?

Oh it’s because they are really cool Japanese artists, good with dealing on the worldwide market. It’s at the end of the album because it’s a song beyond realistic. We need to deal with the daily shit that happens to us but at the same time, imagination can take you anywhere. And I really love that track because of that feeling.

The album anyway becomes brighter and brighter with each song, and especially because of the lyrics…

You know it’s one of my most personal album. I don’t want to make people sad or thinking negative, that’s not the kind of music that I want to make. People want to be happy, that’s all. There is a lot of unpredictable things in life, but everyone just want to have fun. That’s the meaning of existence of music, to my point of view. And with my guitar, you know everyone calls me the Samurai Guitarist, but I don’t kill people, with my guitar I want to make people to feel excited and positive. My responsibility is to show my audience new perspectives, new things in life that sometimes you don’t imagine. People keeps evolving, not changing, just moving forward!

I must say I have a big crush on your song “Alien Girl”, tell me is it true it’s about Angelina Jolie?

Yeah… Well, I mean what I wanted to deliver with this one is that she’s dealing with a lot of conflicts, issues, fighting for people who are struggling. That’s what I’m trying to do with my music, but she, she has a mission and I felt it. I wanted to do something with that. I got so inspired by her heart, her attitude, she’s so motivated, really strong, a so-gorgeous lady, a world well-known actress, but she’s for me from another planet…

Finally, today how do you consider yourself? As a messenger? An Actor? A musician?

Hmmm… A dad. But after that, whatever the passion: movie, music, fashion… I just want to express myself and share with people. That’s my mission in my life. But yeah, acting is fun (*big smile*).


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