The ride debut at USJ on January 15, 2016 and promises to wow all 6 senses as the first ever “XR Ride”. Passengers are completely immersed in the 360-degree, fully virtual “Kyary Factory”, where monsters and other characters pop out from closets, dressing rooms and more, and will even get to experience a (virtual) 200m drop!

In addition to thrilling background music provided by Kyary’s producer Nakata Yasutaka exclusively for the ride, there will also be some collaboration food, drinks and merch for sale within the amusement park such as a “Trick (Hot Chocolate) Drink”. More info on this will be revealed at a later date.

For those currently in Japan who would like to be one of the first to ride Kyary’s new ride, USJ is currently doing a raffle where 1,100 people can attend the press preview! All you have to do is follow the official USJ Twitter and retweet this tweet detailing the campaign.

If you don’t think you’ll make it in time for its January reveal, don’t worry– the ride will be open at USJ until June 26, 2016.


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