If you still don’t know a thing about FEMM, the surprising dance duo of female mannequins RiRi and LuLa, it’s time for you to go out and discover their amazing sound.

Starting this New Year with an explosive hit – with the MV for PoW! right from their major debut EP PoW!/LCS (release date: February 3) –, FEMM is ready to conquer the electro world.

Directed by Midori Kawano, who also did take care of Fxxk Boys Get Money, this new music video is as retro – and at the same time, futuristic – psyche and pink as you could expect from hearing the song itself for the first time.

More audacious than ever, and having already earned the acknowledgement from various international personalities, FEMM is today about to surpass its underground dance scene recognition to take over the “overground” scene as well.

So, discover PoW! right here, right now! 

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