With the huge hit that is Pokémon GO, those little creatures have never been trendier since the past few years.

So get ready to discover all those pieces and to wear them all!

Pokémon×Yummy Mart

pikachu-yummy-mart-05-800x482Celebrating Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, the well-known brand Yummy Mart, sister of the ultra-feminine Japanese lingerie one PEACH JOHN, released its themed collection this last April.

Who would resist Pikachu’s underwears or this cute poncho to chill at home?


Pokémon swimsuits

A must-have for every girl: the Pokémon swim-suit! And even though the Pikachu one is already a success, we must admit that our crush goes to the baby-pink Jigglypuff one, just irresistible.


SPINNS×Nicole Fujita

Popular teen fashion model and TV Personality, Nicole Fujita is also known as a huge fan of Pokémon. It was then natural for her to collaborate with the teen fashion brand SPINNS, and get the chance to design herself some cool Pokémon pieces.



Get also more Pokémons goods on MyJapanBox.com with their Pokemon Box or even better: Pokemon Megabox !

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