Luna Sea is often associated with the beginnings of visual kei, a Japanese rock movement where the common thread isn’t so much the sound of the band, which can be diverse, but the look. The members of Luna Sea described their early aesthetic influences as the goth and new wave bands of the 1980s. The band members have gone on to other projects, both solo efforts and work with other bands. On 24 June 2017, Inoran and Sugizo from Luna Sea performed in Singapore solo and delivered an experimental brand-new sound to their fans for the first time ever. Get inspired by their fashion styles, featuring a mixture of uptown hipster and mode goth influences.

A main highlight in the concert was Inoran’s ‘Beautiful Now’, boasts pumping riffs from Sugizo and inoran, while at the finale of Inoran’s set, ‘All We Are’ features Inoran’s energetic beats and persona which lit up the concert arena.

Next comes Sugizo with ‘IRA’: a pulverizing instrumental track that swells through a series of rhythmic detonations designed, at a guess, to stimulate freedom and flight. Its opening moments establish what becomes a common theme of the show, Sugizo and his band excel at this: merging industrial noise with something more organic, surprising you into hearing instruments anew. With electronic squiggles, all of which are visibly produced by elastic fingers bounding over guitars and drums, each musician vying to out-metal the others’ extravagant riffs.


The live performance ended on a powerful note with the classic high-tempo tune, bringing the concert (and the tour) to a grand close. Overall, it was a psychedelic ride with highs and lows and good vibes all around.


*Photos by Edmond Lai




  1. Sugizo and Inoran Guitar Violin solo


  1. Grace and Glory
  2. Thank You
  3. Supertramp
  4. Awaking in myself
  5. 2 Lime s
  6. Beautiful Now (feat. Sugizo)
  7. Right away
  8. Get Laid
  9. Raize
  10. All We Are


  1. IRA
  2. Tell me why not psychedelia
  3. Fatima
  4. Lux Aeterna
  5. Decaying (feat. Inoran)
  6. Misogi
  7. Do-Funk Dance


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