The third edition of CharaExpo concluded successfully with a record turnout of 19,247 guests across Southeast Asia. Featuring an exciting line-up of stars and artists. Held on the 9th and 10th of September 2017, this year’s expo was held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, where fans of anime, games and cosplay get up-close and personal with their favourite stars and musical talents. Bushiroad also celebrates its 10th anniversary; featuring their various card game tournaments and animes. CharaExpo 2017 consists of three main components; the Trading Card Game arena, Exhibitions and the Main Stage.


Bushiroad Inc’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Takaaki Kidani elaborates on what’s new in this year’s show, “To commemorate our 10th anniversary, this year we are introducing our first ever online animation course by ParentheXis at the expo, where budding anime artists can be certified in Japanese Animation. This is the third CharaExpo in Singapore, and we want to bring the essence of Japanese sub-cultures to fans in Asia; to give them the opportunity to meet and interact with the content creators behind their favourite animes and manga.”

Headlined by some of the biggest names in anime, this year’s expo also saw the debut of many up-and-coming bands that have not been featured at CharaExpo previously. These artists include MYTH & ROID, a contemporary creative unit, which is the brainchild of producer, Tom-H@ck; Roselia, an all-girl band from popular multi-media project BanG Dream! and the Singapore Night Safari-inspired hit animation series, KEMONO FRIENDS.

For the first time ever, CharaExpo offered budding artists a chance to build on their manga portfolio by learning from the best illustrators in the industry. Fans were given the opportunity to try out an animation course in Japanese Manga at the expo before choosing to sign up for Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation, a course developed by Aso College Group and awarded by Parenthexis Academy. The course will be taught and graded by industry veterans, allowing potential students to learn essential manga hand-drawing techniques and even letting them create their own anime characters by the end of the session.

The Cos☆Stage finalists strutted their stuff for guest judges Ely, Hakken, Yui and Knitemaya, in hopes of taking home the top prize; an all-expenses paid trip to the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017 Cosplay Collection Night in Japan. Cosplayer Rithe emerged the overall winner, giving her the chance to show-off her best cosplay and favourite costumes in Japan later this month.

“We are extremely grateful to the thousands of fans who attended CharaExpo this year. The outstanding turnout marked a milestone in our 10th anniversary celebrations. Each year, we aim to bring the most exclusive and latest anime content into Southeast Asia. This includes giving fans the opportunity to meet their favourite Japanese stars. We are heartened by the support of the fans and attendance has been steadily increasing each year. The positive feedback is highly encouraging for us, especially since we are planning to expand into other ventures such as mobile apps and games”, said Takaaki Kidani, CEO and President of Bushiroad International Pte Ltd.

CharaExpo 2017 was celebrated in conjunction with Bushiroad’s 10th Anniversary, where delighted fans were given the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise from Bushiroad that has never been sold outside of Japan prior to the expo.

Bushiroad also introduced their new high fantasy trading card game, Dragoborne – Rise to Supremacy, where Women’s Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee, the brand ambassador for the game, made a guest appearance to do an autograph and meet-and-greet session with fans.

Interview With Hakken (Guest Cosplayer)

1) Can you introduce yourself and how are your most popular cosplays?

I’m Hakken from Malaysia ( Some of my popular cosplays include Jumin from Mystic Messenger and Oikawa from Haikyuu!! .

2) What is your favorite cosplay project?

Oikawa from Haikyuu!! is my most satisfactory cosplay, as i’ve spent nearly 2 months on costume production, perfecting the makeup and completing the photoshoot for this character. Normally on average, i just spent 1-2 weeks on costume production, my mom is a professional tailor so she helps me out too on the cutting and design. In the pipeline, i will be attempting different versions of Oikawa from Haikyuu!!, Lelouch from Code Geass and revisiting Clamp X . My motivation for choosing characters is according to my favorites so it can be a from an older or trending anime.

3) What advice would you give new cosplayers who may be shy or nervous about starting?

Just go for it and cosplay with the mindset that everything can be improved gradually. Don’t mind the critics and keep a enjoyable mood and positive mindset while cosplaying.

Interview With Ely (Guest Cosplayer)

1) What are your motivations for cosplay?

I’m Ely from Taiwan ( What spurs me on for my cosplaying career is ultimately the love for the characters. When i really like a particular character, i will tend to do all the versions of it.

2) What introduced you to cosplay?

I was introduced to the scene when my school mates were seeking a mascot for an arts class and i was compelled into it. And thereafter, had discovered the love for cosplay. For my upcoming cosplays, i will be dabbling more into original cosplays and steampunk.

3) What advice would you give new cosplayers who may be shy or nervous about starting?

Firstly, choose characters you are most interested in, then you will be able to channel the enthusiasm of being in character. And of course, cosplaying with friends helps you enjoy the process of cosplaying much more.

About CharaExpo 2017

CharaExpo2017 is a Japanese manga, anime, games and cosplay event that will be held on 9 and 10 September 2017 in Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Halls 404-406. CharaExpo2017 aims to shine the spotlight on the people and team behind the scenes of these Japanese-related content. The event will feature prominent producers, manga artists, illustrators, cosplayers and more. Fans can look forward to meeting these special guests and learn more about their passion and work. Major Japanese anime, manga and game companies will also be participating in the event to showcase and offer event-exclusive exhibits and merchandise. For more information, visit

About Bushiroad

Bushiroad Inc. is an entertainment company known for developing Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, Weiss Schwarz, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy- and other card games, promotional items, smartphone applications around the world. For more information about CharaExpo2017, please contact Bushiroad Inc. at

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