Is it possible to unite the culture of Africa and Japan with harmony in a new style?
Yes it is ! It’s amazing and immensely rich in details and colors, let’s talk more about it:

The designers Serge Mouangue (from Cameroon), and Kururi, (a Japanese kimono designer) have come together to create a charming collection uniting these worlds so distinct. Where the base is the traditional kimono from Japan (which by the way is falling in use in everyday Japanese, being used more on specific occasions) coupled with the vibrant colors of Africa! This collection is called Wafrica and features noble Senegalese and Nigerian fabrics, with Belgian and African style standards and. As Japan could not stand out in this fusion. The obis has a Japanese touch but with a more intentional rereading!

The designer Serge Mouangue said this is not a statement of fashion or something purely commercial. However much western fashion has come with full force and uncharacterizing the native clothing of his country Japan has greatly reduced the kimonos industry!
Here are some mouangue serge considerations:

“In response to the argument that globalization can rob us of our cultural identity, a conversation between two old, strong and sophisticated identities: Japan and Africa. The talk is about the beauty of the threads of our history together.
Wafrica is about hope and embraces the possibilities made available when the only treasures brought by each of us are juxtaposed to form a new and enlightened international consciousness. “

Want to see a little more about this collection then give the play here in the video of this vibrant collection. And if you liked our post, let us know!

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