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Today we will talk about a very known store in Japan that decided to innovate and bet on the theme “princess”.

This collaboration between the store and the famous anime “PrettyGuardian Sailor Moon” will release many kawaii products. The products are adult-looking with a pinch of those props you’ve always dreamed of owning.
Kawaii products are now available for sale since the 26th December.

  • Shoulder wallet – 3,000 yen each (three models)
    This shoulder bag has the functions of a purse and a smartphone bag. The crescent moon and pearl charms are attached to the clasp.
    You can carry it in your hand or put an alsa and use it as a shoulder bag.
  • Compact mirror – 800 yen each (five models)
    it is a small mirror that you can carry in your bag easily.
    A kawaii cat-shaped version and an air-like version with soft and delicate details are available.
  • Acryl Logo Key Charm – 1,800 each (seven models)
    A series of key charms that have the name of each character in the series and the star inscribed in a delicate font.
    Each charm has a feminine design with Christal part and mini-ribbon
  • Heart-Motif Earing / Pierce – 1,500 yen each (seven models)
    The front side has the name of the character and the reverse has the compact Christal star, the star and the crescent moon.
    This product is the typical product that every woman will love with the combination of sparkling stones and bows made of satin

  • Shishu Kinchaku (embroidered bag) – 1,000 yen each (four models)
    It can be used by women who need to travel and store small things.
    An atmospheric tuleira was designed on the Princes Serenity and Black Lady hemline.
  • Eyeglasses case – 650 yen each (six models)
    this case has an adult and kawaii theme for each character with designs as perfect as if they were painted one by one by hand
  • School socks – 800 yen each (three models)
    A simple and simple school sock combination that has the embroidery of the compact Christal star and moon.
    For the Sailor Moon design, one side has the name Sailor Moon and the other side has an embroidery on a ribbon. The ribbon embroidery for the right and left sock are different.
  • Socks of color – 800 yen each (three models)
    A length of stocking that has a small embroidery mark.
    For the Sailor Moon design, one side has the name of Sailor Moon and the other side has an embroidery of the compact star Christal. The embroidery of the right and left sock is different

  • Scrunchie – 1,000 yen each (six models)
    this is a hair straightener in fabric that will not offer pressure to the hair so it does not risk breaking it. But the most kawaii are their prints of each character in the series with the theme of their own so they can choose the one of their favorite character.
    The gold edge makes the product adult and beautiful at the same time and the charm of the crescent moon can be highlighted.
  • Ribbon Crip – 1,000 yen (six models)
    we also have beautiful hair ties applied in clips type clip with the characteristic character of each character, this can be used by all types of hair be it many or few because it is clip-style predefined in any hair and can be used at any time for being so delicate
  • Puti Scarf – 1,200 yen (two models) tax not included
    Two types of elegant and white Serenity princesses and soft / cute Sailor Moon, who use the motifs of the compact and the moon, are available.
    this product is super versatile and can be used as a charm or bracelet sticking to what it sends is its creativity.

It’s time to gather lots of money to buy many of these products from the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon line “Princess One Spoon”.
Here is some information you can find extremely useful:

Princess one Spoon TOKYO
Address: S Building, Jingumae, 4-27-4, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo
Business hours: from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.; no holidays (holiday is not fixed at the end of the year and New Year holidays)
Access: JR Harajuku Station (6 minutes on foot) / Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingu Mae Station (3 minutes on foot)
URL: http: //www.p1s.jp/

Release date: 2017,12,26 (Tue.)
※ Please note that the quantity of each product is limited.
※ Reservation via TEL can not be made. Buy the products in stores.
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Project official website:

So Moomies (fans of the anime sailor moon) liked these cute items?

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