Hello everybody !
In today’s publication I’ll talk about a style born in the 2000s in Shibuya and Harajuku’s streets.

This style is called Shironuri (that means white painted face). It was born from a fusion Visual Key (much used by the Japanese rock bands circa 1980) and Gothic.
This style transcends geishas, ​​maikos and kabukis who are actors of traditional Japanese theater.

We do not have the information of who initiated this by this style is characterized by the following points:

  • A pure white makeup base as a blank canvas to be able to create effects of shadows and details with colors
    (vulgarly speaking is like painting a blank screen with your feelings or talents)
    This style almost always did not exhibit the natural skin of the people
  • Colored contact lenses, big false eyelashes, marked delineation
  • The Shironuri always create his clothes as well as I do!

What? I’m a Shironuri? Yes, I’m from southern Brazil and I’m the only shironuri in my state! Don’t hesitate to go on my personal page if you want to dive deeper into it!

This style has a very great freedom because you can use the shironuri and incorporate another style to create your own shironuri style. Some shironuris use the fairy and enchanted world themes while others use cybernetics.
We can talk here about one of the best known Japanese Shironuri artist that is called Minori who uses nature as main theme. This Japanese girl began the shironuri style after many of her friends encouraged her about her talent with makeup. Then, she started a revolution in the streets of Harajuku with her style and appeals until today lots of photographers around the world!

Did you like to know more about this style? How about trying it someday!
What is important is to do it with love, because if you are happy in your style you will be loved by everyone around you!

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