Today, I’ll introduce you a new cosmetic product !
This is the  “K – Palette Lustin Grip Tint Maxi Plus FL (Full Reel)”

K-palette released popular series “1DAY TATTOO” which are tattoo-like-lipglosses that lasts for one day and contain pearl and lavender grains. In addition, there are natural moisturizing ingredients and botanical extracts ingredients. These series are really well-known and popular in Japan at the moment. 

This lip gloss is comfortable to use, it yields a lot because you can put it in the center of the mouth and it will completely cover your lips. it also offers a reddish tint and depending on each person it can offer you the effect of bigger and succulent lips. So do not be afraid to use it at any time without restrictions!

Price: 1,500 yen (excluding taxes)
Release Date: January 25, 2018
Thursday Sales: Drug Store, Variety Shop Nationwide

And it’s available in 4 discreet colors!

<Classic Color>
01 (Aurora Blue), 02 (pale pink), 03 (coral pink), 04 (red)

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