Have you ever heard about “Love’s by Key” Pop-up store ?
This store opened in Laforet Harajuku in May 2017 and it has conquered many girls who have grown up but don’t want to lost their cute and kawaii soul with their commitments of adulthood!
After that the store took a break without new collections but now on January 13, 2018 they started a new phase with a collection in neutral tones but with fantastic pieces and very well made!
The official store managers Hikone and Yuka take charge of this new phase!
Let’s dive into it with some photos and details about each piece:

First, we will talk about a velvet blouse (for a cold period) in a gray tone with lace on the sailor-style white collar, making it super romantic and easy to match (5,800 yen+taxes).
You can combine it with a beautiful high waist pants which costs 6,200 yen (excluding taxes). It leaves a super delicate chic look !

Do you like dresses? Well you also have a beautiful leather corset that shows your curves and gives a very feminine detail with this sweet and classic piece (7,800 yen+taxes) 

One of the sweetest pieces of the collection is a set of jacket and short with flower prints made with heavy fabrics for winter. The jacket is very colorful but easy to match with any neutral piece (8,800 yens+taxes).

The short has a sweetest impact used with the jacket (5,800 yen+taxes) 

We also have a beautiful and comfortable knit top with floral transparency (3,500 yen+taxes). You can combine it with the Gobelinskirt for a charming and sweet feminine style (5,400 yen+taxes) This collection released shoes too ! These rounded boots in black are made with velvet fabric and black leather buckles all on a beautiful tractor-style platform (4,500 yen+taxes)


Last but not least, there are these iconic heart-shaped leather bags in 2 colors for 4,000 yens+taxes.

If you liked this collection ad you’re currently in Japan: check it out personally, it’s worth it! Don’t forget to share this article and have a good time on tss-mag.com

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