Asia GAME Festival Packs a Punch With Japanese Music, Cosplay & Cybersports Games.

Singapore – The Inaugural Asia GAME Festival (AGF), organized by Magika Pte Ltd, in partnership with the Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) and CPL Digital Entertainment, provides an all-rounded gamer experience on 9 & 10 June 2018, at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

AGF gives gamers a first-time-ever all-encompassing experience by bringing together esports, community gaming, Japanese Cosplay, animation, music and gaming-related talks. “The rapid rise of gaming and esports in the Southeast Asia region, placing it as the number one market in the world, is the catalyst for organising AGF,” said Anthony Kang, CEO of Magika and the Festival Chairman of AGF. “Singapore, as the central hub for the region, makes it the ideal location to stage the inaugural festival.” Kang further stressed that AGF will be a unique event as the festival is all-inclusive with four related key entertainment components, namely: Gaming, Animation/Anime, Music and Esports.

Largest Number of Esports Championships

Esports is one of the major elements of the event with AGF hosting the largest number of esports championships in Asia. These include the inaugural CPL Championship-PUBG – featuring PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) – with players from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines battling it out to become the first PUBG champion in the region.

The main Esports Championships were streamed ‘live’ worldwide via media partners Twitch and Yahoo! and audiences are treated to the presence of celebrity gaming influencers Treephob “Xyclopz’ Tiangtrong (Thailand) and Tiffani “Babyoling” Lim (Malaysia) who does shoutcasting for the matches as well as interacting with the fans.

Bringing Japanese Game & Animation Characters alive!

Cosplay fans coming to AGF met with renowned Cosplayers Aza Miyuko (South Korea) and Yuegene Fay (Thailand), amongst several others. Fans also got a chance to play with the Cosplayers in a unique, first-of-its-kind environment. The event also featured a cosplay competition where the celebrity Cosplayers will judge the best costumes.

The Music of Gaming

Music has long been an integral part of gaming. AGF featured two consecutive nights of J Pop concerts with a stellar line-up that includes popular Anisong rock band BACK-ON, Anisong group bless4, upcoming Anisong singer ASAKA, and Utaite singer Underbar, DJ Melochin and DJ Caesar. Not forgetting all girl rock band GIRLFRIEND and crooners PrizmaX.


The concert is GIRLFRIEND’s first time performing overseas. Comprised of four members – Sakika, Mina, Nagisa, and Mirei – GIRLFRIEND started their band activities in 2015 and graduated from the same Performance Arts School as popular rock band SCANDAL. With an average age of only 17 between all four members, this up-and-coming rock band not only writes their own songs, they do song covers of other artistes as well. Their songs oozes a ridiculously fun, high energy blend of alternative rock and electropop.


Hailing from Nagoya, Japan, ASAKA made her debut in 2016 with the release of her first single, “Open your eyes“; the ending theme of the anime series Occultic;Nine. Her music then proceeded to be featured in various anime series like A Centaur’s Life and Laid-Back Camp. ASAKA is fluent in not only Japanese but English as well, having lived in Michigan for a few years. Her sound features heartfelt, raw yet sweet indie-rock hits.


Known for injecting his own twists as well as his colourful personality in his covers of popular Vocaloid songs, the mysterious and highly entertaining Underbar performing for the second time in Singapore under the ANISONIC banner. With a following of 156,000 on Youtube and 404,000 on Twitter. Underbar has also made a move into streaming games on top of his musical activities. His sound is a distinct lilting, flip-singing voice with its throaty vibrato leaning to dramatic ‘anime-esque’ music.

DJ Melochin

Melochin is one of the most popular Nico Nico Douga odorite known for his energetic and cheerful movements. Melochin mainly choreographs to upbeat songs, synthesizing cuteness and hip hop. His original choreography is widely popular in the odottemita category for its cuteness and simplicity. He also an edge over other DJs as he features his nifty dance moves during his high energy performance.

DJ Caesar

A pioneer in the Japanese anisong DJ world, DJ Caesar is a DJ who cosplays while performing. He is also the owner of ANILOVE!! DJ Party. Known for his short mix style, which involves cutting out and stringing together the most memorable parts of songs in quick succession. Popular with his youthful audience, he has also performed at Japan Expo in France, which gathered over 260,000 attendees. He is also the only anisong DJ to break the 13,000-mark in Twitter followers.


Popular idol group PrizmaX makes an appearance in Singapore for the first time at the AGF x ANISONIC Concert. Debuting in 2013, PrizmaX has amassed over 250,000 followers on their official Facebook channel. Their main vocalist Win Morisaki also recently starred in Steven Spielberg’s highly popular movie, Ready Player One. These heartthrobs knows how to enliven up the crowd with their slick dance moves and R&B pop tunes.


bless4 is a Japanese vocal and dance ensemble from the United States made up of 4 siblings – AKASHI, KANASA, AKINO and AIKI. They have written and sung the opening and ending songs for various popular series such as Kantai Collection and Amagi Brilliant Park. Their song Kimi no Shinhwa~Aquarion dai ni shou has placed third in the Oricon Charts in 2012. Being brought up in States, bless4’s brand of music is diverse and well received even outside of Japan. The band features harmonious wholesome songs about love and other things in life with great synergy.


A popular rock band from Adachi, BACK-ON’s music aims to serve an “explosive” impact to their listeners. Having started in 2002, BACK-ON is no stranger to the anisong scene and has produced several hit songs for popular series such as Air Gear, Fairy Tail and Gundam Build Fighters. BACK-ON has also received warm receptions when performing in the US, Mexico, Europe and other parts of Asia. This band appeals to every quirk I like in pop and rock music, and they are versatile. From standard pop-rock to punk to rock with funk influences to heart-melting acoustic ballads.

About AGF

Asia GAME Festival (AGF), organized by Magika Pte Ltd, in partnership with the Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) and CPL Digital Entertainment, provides an all-rounded gamer experience on 9 & 10 June 2018, at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. AGF is different from all others as the festival is all inclusive with four related key entertainment components, namely: Gaming, Animation, Music and Esports, that appeal to today’s upwardly mobile youths especially gaming fans and enthusiasts as well as pop culture fans.

Photography credits to Asia GAME Festival (AGF)

Author : Kai

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