Calling all K-Pop fans! The popular female group Red Velvet just finished their first Japanese tour and was a huge success! So much that they made a collab with WEGO.

One part of the collaboration were a limited edition t-shirt, badge and iPhone case! Were you able to get one?

They can be found at these participating stores:

[WEGO] Harajuku Takeshita street shop / Harajuku / WEGO TOKYO Harajuku / Shinsaibashi / Sapporo / Sendai shop / Sendai Parco shop / WEGO TOKYO Aeon Lake Town store / Omiya Arushe shop / SHIBUYA109 shop / Lumine Est Shinjuku / Ikebukuro P ‘Parco shop / Machida Joruna shop / WEGO TOKYO LaLaport TOKYO-BAY store / Yokohama Sotetsu Joinus shop / LaLaport Yokohama / Kawasaki Plaza shop / Shizuoka Parco shop / Osu shop / Nagoya Parco / Kyoto / Sannomiya / Hiroshima branch WEGO TOKYO Aeon Mall Okayama shop / Tenjin core shop / Amu Plaza Kokura / SHIBUYA109KAGOSHIMA shop / Kumamoto Parco shop
[WEGO LA] Sapporo Stellar Place / HEP FIVE shop
[WEGO 1.3.5 …] Takeshita street shop in Harajuku

Web Store:

If you are lucky enough go in Japan and visit the WEGO shops, you can also find their monthly magazine. To celebrate their collab, their most recent issue features Red Velvet!

Red Velvet comes from S.M. Entertainment – the same agency of BoA, Girls Generation and SUPER JUNIOR. I would love to see them succeed just as much!

To find out more info about them, check out these links:

Red Velvet Official HP

Red Velvet FUN ROOM ReVeluv-Baby

Red Velvet Official Twitter

Red Velvet Official Instagram

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