The Jfashion world was shaken when KERA and Gothic & Lolita Bible announced their ending of publications last year. Everyone thought that alternative fashions were in trouble. Especially with the rise of mass-produced and easy to wear fashion. However, just like in life, when one door closes another opens.

With the increasing popularity of lolita in more places like China, a new magazine was born! Le Panier focuses on lolita fashion and can be purchased worldwide online. Physical copies are released simultaneously in stores in Japan and China to further spread the culture of Lolita.

The first issue (seen above), features the beautiful Kato Nana in Gothic style.  Naoki Matsumura, editor-in-chief of KERA, is also acting as producer and editor-in-chief of this publication.

In this new magazine, we will read news about releases from brands, hair and makeup tutorials, and see beautiful photos of lolita fashion to appreciate and for our own inspiration.

Local Shanghai lolitas will also be able to attend a tea ceremony at the end of the month to celebrate this wonderful news. Please see the official Le Panier website for official details:

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