Everybody Wants to be a Cat!

Do you love cats? Like…really LOVE cats? I mean, they really lead pretty nice lives. With their 10+ naps a day, getting their humans to serve them at their beck and call. According to Twitter, 10.4 people per hour wish to be a cat! That’s 250 people a month! It’s understandable with how crazy one’s life can get with work and other obligations.

But now a part of that dream can come true thanks to BIBI LAB®! They have created cat houses but human-sized. Literally, the only difference between these and actual cat houses are the sizes. They are made with very soft and fluffy fabrics.

The soft walls are about 3 cm thick and can even block out a little of outside sounds and light. They’re very nice little tents to have some quiet time or you can enjoy tv while in them.

They’re no replacements for your bed but you can cuddle up inside like a cat for your nap!

The fluffy cushion inside is wonderfully soft and will make you want to knead just like when a cat is really happy! The cover is removable and washable so there are no problems when it gets dirty.

So next time when you feel everything is too crazy for you, be like Nyanko and have a little quiet time in your human-sized cat house.

【Human pet house】
Suggested retail price: 11,700 yen (excluding tax)
Size: Main body W800 × L800 × 650 mm, cushion W 800 × L 800 mm
Weight: 2.9 kg
Release date: on sale
Sales: Online

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