From hair and makeup to ambience and music – Viviano Sue had a vision.

The designer explored the property of water, how it shapes the elements around it and, ultimately, how that manifests itself in fashion. This theme stayed true to his core mission of designing garments and accessories. That “impart strength, confidence, and beauty to the wearer to stand out from the crowd.”

Sounds of water in combination with glistening decoration elements underlined the nature of water. The pieces themselves all embraced properties of the element: sharp cuts like ice, flowy garments like waterfalls, deep patters like whirlpools, voluminous shapes like clouds.

Some items were derived from the sand and rocks surrounding water. This created a color scheme of blues, greys, and beiges. Other pieces show a more direct impact of water on humans. From runny makeup and wet hair to seemingly wet clothing.

Viviano’s idea of empowering the wearer was tastefully combined with the strength, versatility and unpredictability of water.

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