The Harajuku shop “Chucla by SPINNS” added a new brand to their stock from the Korean fashion brand “Chuu”!

“Chuu” is a Korean brand that is gaining popularity among women in their teens and 20s and is also being sold on Japanese sites. Whether you’re more into darker styles or cute, there is a little something for everyone.

【Heart Key Ring Check Skirt】3,950円 (excluding tax)
Even with a simple top, you will look really cute with this skirt. It’s a check pattern finished with a heart key ring. It’s available in three colors!

【Lovely Winter Check】3,950円 (excluding tax)
This piece is made with a wool blend so you can still look fashionable and stay warm. It’s classic and trendy and pairs really nicely with turtleneck sweaters.

【Lace Point Oversized Sweater】3,030円 (excluding tax)
With the delicate lace peeking out of the neckline and sleeves, it makes the perfect feminine layered look. You can pair it with jeans, skirts or basically any bottom!

【Autumn Holiday Long Sleeve Shirt】3,170円 (excluding tax)
It’s made of cotton with the Holiday logo on the back. Even though it has longer sleeves, the material is thin enough to wear it longer than the colder months. Pair it with a hat of the same color and you’ll make an even cuter look!

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