Meet the Valentine Box 3 Rose Moment, the latest VAVI MELLO Valentine Box palette from the Korean makeup brand CREE’MARE. It’s currently available on the DHOLIC shopping site.

The Valentine Box Series is a daily eye shadow palette consisting of 12 colors in matte, shimmer and glitter type.

Here you can see swatches and names of each color.

Let’s check out this simple yet sweet tutorial that you can do with this palette!

  1. With a brush or your fingertip, spread 03 <Ice Pink> all over your eyelids and around the lower lash line.
  2. Deepen the pink by doing the same with 04 <Tropical Rose>.
  3. To add depth to your eye make, take a smaller brush and add 06 <Hazelnut> starting from the center of your lash line to and around the outer corner. Then take 10 <Berry Macaron> to deepen it a little more.
  4. Complete the look with the shimmery 07 <Choux Pastry> to make a beautiful highlight in the center. Finish it off with eyeliner and/or mascara.

You can even take it a step further and make this a fancy look worthy of cherry blossom viewing like the model shows here!

The Valentine Box 3 Rose Moment retails for 2,700 円 (tax-included)
Website: DHOLIC

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