From everyone’s favorite affordable Harajuku brand, ACDC RAG, comes a new addition to their 2019 Spring and Summer Collection! ACDC RAG has introduced the “LONG Tulle Skirt” series in four colors. Let’s check them out!

【LONG Tulle Skirt Pastel】2,900円 (before tax)
There are three layers of fine, soft tulle that extend down to the ankle. The gradation of color extends all throughout the fabric and adds to the voluminous yet soft look.

This soft rainbow pastel skirt can be paired with tops like the Cherry Blossom Cat top for a beautiful combination of spring and summer patterns.

【LONG Tulle Skirt Vivid】2,900円 (before tax)
“Vivid” is a slightly different variation of the “Pastel” skirt.

The lace on the hem is jagged like a petal of a spring flower.

【LONG Tulle Skirt Black】2,900円 (before tax)
If you are into darker styles, there is a black skirt as well! You can combine this skirt with the Torii Kanji Sailor Top, you can make it Japanese style dark punk.

The tulle is more sheer and refined.

【LONG Tulle Skirt White】2,900円 (before tax)
This tulle skirt is angelic and sweet.

It will feel like you are floating with every movement. The soft and flowy feeling you’ll get will be perfect for spring.

[LONG tulle skirt]
Price: Each 2,900円 (before tax)
Colors: Pastel, Vivid, Black, White
Release date: On sale
Sold: ACDC RAG Harajuku 4 stores, ACDC RAG mail order 6 stores, and other domestic and overseas sales outlets

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