La Foret Harajuku will hold a variety of limited events and exhibitions during “Laforet Golden Week” from April 20 (Sat) to May 12 (Sun), 2019. In addition, there will be special guests like Manon Tokyo producer – Sumire Sato and LHP WOMEN designer – Monaca Nishi. There will also be limited edition items and limited novelty presents, popular hair arrangement events, makeup experience etc.

Also during this time, at the 6F Laforet Museum in Harajuku, you can see the “AAA DOME TOUR 2018 COLOR A LIFE PHOTO MUSEUM”!

Sailor Moon Store

At the Sailor Moon Store, you can find these adorable Otedama plushies. Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon, Luna, Artemis and Diana will be available.

Ana Sui Cosmetics

This beautiful Mermaid Makeup palette comes from Anna Sui Cosmetics and will retail for 1,296円 (tax included). It looks just like a mermaid lagoon.

Angelic Pretty

If you purchase at least 32,400円 (tax included), you will receive an Angelic Pretty original passport case!


This black lace dress from An MILLE and is a Harajuku store exclusive and retails for 7,452円 (tax included).

If you buy 10,000円 or more (tax included), you will get an original An MILLE pouch!

LHP WOMEN Designer · Monaca Nishi

LHP WOMEN will also hold a pop-up shop for FICTION TOKYO. On April 27 (Saturday), with the launch of the SUMMER Collection, Monaca Nishi will pay a visit to the store!

Instagram: @Manontokyo


At Laforet Museum Harajuku, there will be an exhibition created from the photo album “AAA DOME TOUR 2018 COLOR A LIFE PHOTO BOOK” released on March 29 (Fri). The title “COLOR” is produced in various forms and a number of other pieces not in the photo book will also be shown.

Other than that, you can enjoy the gorgeous exhibits such as the set used in the photo shoot and the costumes worn in the live “AAA DOME TOUR 2018 COLOR A LIFE”. In addition, venue-limited original goods will be sold.

If you purchase at least 3,000円 (tax included) at a store in Laforet Harajuku during the show, you will receive a discount ticket for the “AAA DOME TOUR 2018 COLOR A LIFE PHOTO MUSEUM” admission fee of 200円 off on a first-come-first-served basis.

Furthermore, if you show your admission ticket of the exhibition at 2F GOOD MEAL MARKET. You will get a collaboration coaster with the AAA official character “E-Panda” limited to Laforet Harajuku on a first-come-first-served basis.

So if you’re in Japan, hope you enjoy Golden Week in Harajuku!

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