Yoko Hamasaki, lead vocal of the group Urbangarde, produced a new brand “FORGIVE ME” in a limited time shop in Laforet Harajuku 2F from May 12 (Sun) to May 15 (Wed).

The concept is “clothing to forgive oneself”. Hamasaki’s idea behind the brand is for those that like what they like, regardless of how old they are. It is about self acceptance.

Sacred Blood Heart Embroidery Dress: ¥29,700 (tax included)
Confessional blouse: ¥24,840 (tax included)
Sniper Skirt: ¥23,760 (tax included)

The “FORGIVE ME” collection’s first theme is “confession”. It’s almost like “confessing sins” for a dark past but at the same time of loving that past.

One of the main motifs you’ll see a lot of is the sacred bleeding heart. This collection has an elegant lineup of adult silhouettes such as sailor collar dresses and blouses, and skirts.

Sacred Blood Heart Sukajan: ¥36,720 (tax included)
Forgive Me bag: ¥48,600 (tax included)

In addition, more items like a Unisex T-shirts, pants, jewelry and bags of high quality genuine leather are being developed.

Sacred Heart Ring: ¥20,520 (tax included)

During the time of the pop-up shop, you could meet Yoko Hamasaki herself!

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