The collaboration between HONER CINNAMON and the voice actor artist Yui Ogura is named “HONEYui” went out earlier this month !

This collection features big size sweatshirt that can be worn oversized and cute. Although the central square box with “HONEYui” stamped on it is a cool impression. If you look closely, you will find a pop-like design where “Cinnamon-kun” and “Otter-kun” are playing together.

There is also a cap where you can see “Otter-kun” and “Cinnamon-kun” side by side. When combined with big sweat from the “HONEYui” series. The red brand logo shines and it is even more stylish ♡
This cap can even be worn for more masculine styles !

In mid-September, thye will release one-piece dresses with a focus on detail and length. It aiming for a design that will enhance your style.
It comes with a checked print, white and brown satin ribbon which you can arrange depending on the mood of the day. Perfect for your lolita days ☆

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