The Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival, which started in 2014, is one of the largest Halloween events in Japan. The festival takes place on the streets east of Ikebukuro station in Tokyo. An area which has been gaining attention as a new subculture mecca.
More than 20,000 cosplayers from home and abroad gather on an annual basis. Additionally, the number of attendees has also been increasing over the years – during last year’s 2 day event. Attendees marked a record high of approximately 105,000 people.

One of the major features of this event is that cosplayers can roam around the streets dressed in their costumes. In the main streets, parks and stores of the Ikebukuro station east exit area, loads of activities will be held that everyone can enjoy – domestic/foreign cosplayers. Those cosplaying for the first time, those visiting the event by themselves and anime/manga fans alike. This year again, the event will be streamed live worldwide via Niconico Live Streaming.

Find more about this event on their website ! 

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