The brand of the famous model Tsubasa Masuwaka celebrated its 10 years on November 24, 2019. Dolly Wink is well-known for its quality false eyelashes but also for these cosmetics offers us. At this occasion, they offer us a whole new collection of false eyelashes called “EASYLASH” with 4 different ranges.

This collection released on November 14, 2019, consists of 16 different false eyelashes. The goal of EASYLASH is that each woman finds the false eyelashes that will best suit her style. And little advice from the brand: “You can put mascara on it so that the lashes blend better with the false lashes for a more natural effect that will not damage them”

Description of the 4 ranges:

“I want to be cute until the end of the night” Who can be put on a date or at a party

01 Natural Long

02 Daily Beige

09 Gorgeous Eyes

10 Downing Eyes 


“Casual but beautiful” Which can be put in the office during the week

03 Superfine Air Lee

04 Casual

11 Female brown

12 Carl Brown


“I want to be fashionable”

05 Large plus

06 Density Up

13 Tilting blue

14 Holiday rose


« Strong and beautiful »

07 Actress volume

08 Dark eye accent

15 Party purple

16 Round eyes curl


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