Gyaru fashion in the spotlight at Japan Touch Lyon 2019!

During the Japan Touch Lyon, the Gal-Unit “Gyaransu” promoted the Gyaru style throughout the weekend through various activities.

But first of all what is a “Gal Unit”?
It is a “community” where all the members come together around a passion, in this case Gyaru fashion. Meetings are real events to promote the Gal Unit as well as Gyaru fashion!
Why “Gyaransu”? It is a mix between two words: Gyaru + Furansu (France).

First, their location fully breathed their universe: Presence of a banner of the famous Shibuya 109, clothes rods for sale, screen broadcasting tutorial videos, dances and runways to better inform passersby.

The members of Gyaransu did not stop there! Their team offered Gyaru makeup, nails and hairstyle services to transform you into a real Gyaru for a day.

We had the opportunity to see the result of some fashionistas (a lot of people came to see them!)

A real success for the Gal-Unit which succeeded in bringing the atmosphere of Shibuya in Lyon, France !

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