A new International Gyaru Magazine ! : Papillon

Fashion magazines you probably already know

In Japan, you can find many fashion magazines (Jelly, popteen, Ageha, EGG, …) but it’s not easy to be able to read them and understand the content EXCEPT if you are bilingual. A team of Gaijin Gyaru had a wonderful idea: Create their own magazine, to help people who love Gyaru fashion.

This new magazine

Since the beginning of September 2019 you can discover the first volume of the magazine on their website. And recently you could order it in physical version too!

A very glamorous, very girly, very GAL design! And yet we can also find Gyaru-O (Gyaru male version) there. In this new magazine you can find tutorials by gyaru models from different country, hairstyles, makeup’s tutorials. Also their daily lives and also interviews such as that of the famous Gal-Unit: Black Diamond from 2000 directed by Léa, a young Icelandic girl of 28 years living in Japan.

In Papillon, you can find in each volume a different theme and outfits according to the seasons. Readers can also participate in various fun projects and articles.

The next volume of Papillon will be a special LOOKBOOK on the theme of Valentine’s Day (released in early February 2020). There is also a blog where you can find news on Japanese gyaru in order to keep the readers patient while staying in the news.

Gyaru fashion has changed since the Hersei era and becoming “easier” for Westerners who want to try gyaru’s style. So we asked Léa for advice for those who would like to get started:

“Don’t be afraid to do your first try, get false eyelashes, contact lenses and do as much contouring as possible. Make your eyes even more” crazy “with eyeshadows, etc. .. Try the styles with which you feel best and above all know what you are doing in order to understand the subtlety. “

The Papillon team loves to help so if you have questions and need advice. As long as you show that you want to do better and better. They will be there to follow your progress.

Official Website: https://magazine-papillon.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PapillonPR109/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magazinepapillon/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PapillonPR109
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@magazinepapillon

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