A Host clubs are places where women can have some nice time with hot guys. They choose their favorite host and drink with them, talk and past time.

Roland is one of them, he is actually the number one host in all Tokyo.


At 26 he is the most successful host in Kabukicho, he is the master of seduction and women pay insane amounts of money for him, like really expensive wine and champagne.
He makes some apparition on TV, and a lot of Youtube reportage or Video about him. In one of his reportage we can see the day of his Birthday, customers spend 10 million yen on him in just three hours. Exeptt his birthday Roland earns over 42 million yen in an ordinary month. You can see below the video of his birthday.


His “charming prince look” is based on cosmetic surgery, makeup and sport.

Thanks to his customers, Roland lives a life of luxury with expensive car and luxurious appartment. He owns some clinic, beauty salon,shop and make collaboration with beauty product.
He also have his own beauty and tea product.
You can see him on a lot of cover of magasine and on giant publicy sport in Kabukicho.



Every month and years the Host community reward the host who earns the most of money and have the best popularity and actually Roland is the first of them. He is now calling The King Of Host.

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