A step to the past : “F i.n.t” the Japanese brand for all 50~70’s lovers


Big news ! The brand will be the special guest for Japan Runway’s next fashion show in Japan Tours Festival (Tours, France).
You’ll be able to see how the items looks in real and to experiment their very own universe during this first 1-brand exclusive runway.
It’ll be their first time having a fashion show in France, a real chance for our french audience to discover it directly !
More information on Japan Runway’s website

Let’s dive a bit into those brands developed round the scheme of “The cinema heroine of the 50’s and 70’s”.

F i.n.t

A retro & girly style that mixes trends with classic vintage designs from the 50’s and 70’s.
F i.n.t is a brand where you can feel the “palpitation” of finding the perfect item in a secondhand clothing store.
With this brand, you’ll be able to develop a style that combines preppy casual lines and retro & girly taste. Perfect for people in love with cutesie-like larme kei.

an another angelus

“A small retreat nestled on the backstreets of Paris. When I open that door. . . ”
This other brand (from the same company) is expressing a nostalgic and new retro feeling in a lady-like manner and is proposing an adult female wardrobe. Their design proposes an adult classical style that incorporates elegance into a vintage-like design, perfect for working ladies who still want to wear classic items.

The Spring collection will be launched on February 14th 2020.
This year theme is “Emilie”, a cinema heroine from the 1960s.
Emily’s closet is full of items created in order to enjoy the fashionable French cityscape, including retro uniforms, floral print blouse you can pair-up with skirt from the same design. In resume, a variety of French chic styles with impressive colors, such as airy textures and stripes.

And guess what ? Their new spring/summer catalog will be given to costumers who purchase items for 5,000 yen or more (including taxes) and in the same time, they will receive a coupon !

Don’t hesitate to visit their shops in Japan but you can as well buy their clothes by their worldwide online shop.

Brand information

Official Site
Official Webshop 

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