PEACH JOHN will release an underwear collection in collaboration with Barbie one of the comedian of the group called “Foreign Love”. It will be available at Peach John stores and official online stores nationwide from February 5, 2020.

The collaborative collection is a particular because brought by Barbier herself. Barbie’s thoughts were “I want women to like more their bodies” and “Warm meat protrudes”.  The products were developed in pursuit of a solution about her experiences, such as “The bruise hit by the side bones of the bra,” and women worries about the brassels. Everything received from fans through SNS are reflected in the product creation. She said that she spent more than two years developing products, preparing design drawings herself and repeatedly meeting and fitting.

A variety of bra sizes are available in C65-G90 and glamor sizes to accommodate women of various body types. This is the first time Peach John handles above 90cm !

All three types of bras are equipped with a soft wire in the mold cup.
“Pretty Woman Bra” (3,980 to 4,580 yen), which covers the “side meat” with side belts and a rose pattern stretch lace with a matte texture.
“Queen bra” (3,980-4,580 yen), which is used to make a good bust with a height that prevents horizontal spread and a bra top using peach skin cloth and rib cloth.
“Wannabe non-wire bra top” (3,980- 4,480 yen) lineup.
Panties (1,480-1,980 yen / all tax included) are available in a design that can be worn with a bra and set in all 4 types.

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