In Japan, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is part of their traditions.
In foreign countries, men and women participate together, but in Japan, it is women who on February 14 offer gifts to declare their loves.
If the man accepts these feelings they will offer them a gift a month later on March 14 during White Day.
Valentine’s Day became popular in the 1950s in Japan thanks to large advertising campaigns.
Women were encouraged to buy and offer beautiful chocolates for the men of their lives.

But homemade chocolates are much more popular.
Women not only offer chocolates to the men they love, but also to the men in their family or even their colleagues.
The type of chocolate offered depends on the type of relationship she has with the man.

There is the ”Giri Choco” – 義 理 チ ョ コ , also call the obligation chocolate, which are offered to members of his family and or coworker.

Often the quality of the chocolate and the effort put are less important than this one offered to the person to whom we have romantic feelings.

The ”Honmei Choco” – 本 命 チ ョ コ, is the chocolate we offer to the people with whom we have romantic feelings, the type of chocolate is more often of a good quality with beautiful decorations.

And finally there is the ”Tomo Choco” – 友 チ ョ コ, it is the chocolate that can be offered to his girl friends. It is offered under the sign of friendship.

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