WAFRICA at La Maison De La Culture Du Japon in Paris (France)

Wa 和
  the spirit of japan
  and harmony.

Wafrica encapsulates both West Africa and Japan’s ancient sophisticated aesthetic to create a new territory, redefining our sense of origin. “

At the Maison de la culture du Japon in Paris you can find from 18/02 to 21/03 – Tuesday to Saturday – from 12h to 20h a new unusual exhibition, that of WAFRICA Japon Afrique Intimes, a brilliant idea by Serge Mouangue.

The exhibition reveals the astonishing aesthetic links between West Africa and the Japanese archipelago. Photographs, sculptures and installations – often unpublished – by the artist Serge Mouangue will show the aesthetic similarities between these two regions, yet so far apart from each other. “

Without forgetting that in France the country of the year 2020 is Africa.
The House of Japanese Culture in Paris allowed the Cameroonian founder and artistic director M Mouangue to exhibit these creative works.

  ♦ Visit of the exhibition commented by the artist: Saturday March 7 at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Living in France and worked for several years in Japan, the goal is to combine West African and Japanese aesthetics.

« At a time of globalization, Wafrica delivers an obvious message between Japan and Africa by transcending their respective cultural symbols and icons. “

Based in Paris, the Wafrica project has a small team in Tokyo, Kyoto and Yaoundé in Cameroon.

Official site:

MCJP website: https://www.mcjp.fr/fr/agenda/japon-afrique-intime

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