A new collaboration for Q-POT and Misako Aoki

A “kawaii” collaboration of the sweets accessory brand “Q-pot.” and the model appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the “Kawaii Ambassador”, the famous lolita, Misako Aoki, has finally been realized. The graceful and classical limited-edition accessories based on the theme of “The World of” Marie Antoinette “” will be released on March 20, 2020.

Cute, beautiful and romantic.
A girl’s eternal dream and longing are filled
The world of “Marie Antoinette”
Lolita who dearly loves me.

Lolita’s heart beat
The temptation with a sweet scent
Enchantingly beautiful and delicious
Sugar cookies and rose whipped cream in a perfume bottle.

-Classic Rose Perfume Sugar Cookie-

From left: Classic Rose Perfume Sugar Cookie Necklace Mint x Pink, Pink x Lavender / 12,000 yen each (excluding tax)
Grayish pastel icing is very classic. Noble sugar cookies decorated with elegant ribbons.

~ Classic Rose Whipped Cream ~

From left: Classic Rose Whipped Cream Ring Purple, Pink, Mint / 5,000 yen each (excluding tax)
Pure white whipped cream that colors your fingertips sweetly and elegantly. Attached with sugar paste roses, more cute and sweeter ♡

Misako Aoki Q-pot CAFE. Tea ceremony event

To commemorate the collaboration, a tea ceremony event will be held at Q-pot CAFE on March 20th! In the tea ceremony event, which will be a collaboration announcement, they will introduce the special points of accessories and recommended coordinates of Misako style ♪

More! The limited cafe menu with the image of collaboration accessories can be eaten quickly.

A special color necklace of “Classic Rose Perfume Sugar Cookie” is included as a special privilege for participants only. Only tea ceremony participants can get the combination of girly pink x pink ribbon. For event details, check out the Misako Aoki blog!