On March 27, during the “NAVANA WIG Presents Yukipoyo no Mekkawa Gyaru Matsuri! by ‘Chippoyo TV!'” In CLUB CAMELOT, a new collaboration was born, DJ HELLO KITTY with the young model Yuki Kimura (Yukipoyo). The song is called “Kawaii”. A festival that took place without an audience to avoid any possible spread of the coronavirus.

New Single “Kawaii” Yukipoyo x DJ Hello kitty


Hello Kitty being not only the kawaii character of sanrio that we all know, is also a DJ! She made her debut in October 2010, offering remixes in her album “DJ HELLO KITTY IN THE MIX”. People could see her in night clubs and events not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries. She also arranged a song by famous Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki “Feel The Love” in 2013.

Ayumi Hamasaki and Dj Hello Kitty

Who is Yukipoyo ?

Yukipoyo, The half-Japanese quarter Filipina and quarter Spanish started as a “reader model” in 2012 in Gyaru EGG magazine. She became famous through the Vine video platform, with more than 60 million views in total. Yukipoyo appeared as well on a youtube channel with the famous model Gyaru Yumachi and participated in the famous show The Bachelor Japan 2017 and The Bachelor Winter Games 2018 in America!

She was also the favorite of American viewers because of these very cute reactions to reality TV candidates and their efforts to learn English. Yukipoyo then turned to collaborations with various artists like Sloth … and today it’s DJ Hello Kitty’s turn!

Official song on Avex youtube channel:

We have noticed that in recent years Avex has started to share a few more videos, clips in full of these Japanese artists on youtube, whether these great artists such as Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki… or others less known in the countries. strangers. A great development for the export of the Japanese musical universe abroad.

Live DJ HELLO KITTY X YUKIPOYO in “NAVANA WIG Present Yukipoyo no Mekkawa Gyaru Matsuri! by ‘Chippoyo TV!” in 27 March 2020


It’s not finish ! “NAVANA WIG Presents Yukipoyo no Mekkawa Gyaru Matsuri! by ‘Chippoyo TV!'” also offers other activities:

  • NAVANA Queen 2020 wig beauty contest
  • Gyaru style workshop in commemoration of the release of “Yukipoyo no Gyaru no Kyokasho ‘Issho Gyaru Sengen!’ Stylebook” ゆきぽよのギャルの教科書「一生ギャル宣言!」スタイルブック
  • NAVANA WIG×SHIBUYA STYLE SPRING COLLECTION: A fashion show with NAVANA WIG collaborating with popular brands CECIL McBEE, EGOIST, GYDA, Delyle NOIR, LIP SERVICE, RESEXXY, and beachme.
  • A performance by girls dance vocal group FAKY and a solo performance by rapper SLOTH
  • “egg stage” featuring popular models from egg singing and dancing parapara, and a talk show
  • “Model Press stage” featuring popular YouTubers Miley Aoyama and Minori Inudo.
  • Performance by dancers from Burlesque Tokyo in Roppongi

Official Website: https://www.navana-web.com/mekkawa/

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