Don’t forget the date from March 28, 2020, the Kirby makeup collection will finally be out! The theme of this collection is called “Pink Lush”.

Here is the collection ♥

Rubber mirror Kirby star / 800 yen (tax free)

“Kirby Rubber Mirror of the Stars” with a strap and a key ring. Easy to hold in the hand, the mirror is easy to use.

Three different pallets at 1,800 yen (excluding taxes).

Named “Hoshi no Kirby” there are three shades: 01 Soft pink

02 Shiny Blue

03 Limited Pattern

And finally a collection of lipstick. With 3 different shades.

Kirby of the Stars Lipstick # 01 beige beige / 1000 yen (HT)

Hoshi no Kirby 02 Lipstick Coral pink / 1000 yen (HT)

Kirby Lipstick 03 Rose Rose / 1000 yen (HT)

Contains moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly. Not only is it perfect for the care of dry lips.

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