The plus size positive vibe is starting to gain ground all around Japan, and it won’t be possible without the help of some YouTubers & models who are sharing everyday their fashion and lifestyle.
It pushes a lots of “Poccha” women to grow their very own confidence and show the world they exist as well !

Let’s discover together those inspiring influencers !


Instagram/ Twitter/ Shop 

Model from the La Farfa magazine, she shares on her instagram and twitter everyday her simple fashion coordinate.
What does people love about her ? She reads comments and loves to answer to her followers !
She’s also producing fashion items such as jewelry and shoes in collaboration with her main magazine.

Ten Amane


She has been part of a theater company since her young age, appeared in some advertising and also worked in journalism and radio. She started as model for the brand Nissen Smileland, then Valdemoda and Alinoma.
Her style is more adapted for working adult woman.

Ai Momoka

Instagram / Twitter / Glapocha instagram / Youtube Channel

She is a nurse, producer and model of the Tokyo Glamourous Pocchari Collection (Glapocha), a fashion show for plus size fashion.
She also have a Youtube channel where she shares her makeup, advices and fashion coordinates.


Instagram / Twitter / Youtube Channel 

Youtuber and Model, Uran shares on her Youtube some funny videos with 2 friends.
She is also modeling for La Farfa Magazin. Her style is more colorful and funny like Harajuku style and loves the brand Punyus !

Andou Ui

Instagram / Twitter / Youtube Channel / Fashion instagram

Model for La farfa and Youtuber, Andou Ui share her lifestyle on Instagram and Youtube.
She also loves K-pop and do some little covers but her Youtube channel is mostly about makeup and fashion.
She usually sharing all her favorite outfits !

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