The video “MY BEST LINER Development Conference” featuring Tsubasa Masuwaka has been released. Tsubasa Masuwaka answers the worries about makeup by five popular influencers, including Noah Sato. Those liners are the latest release of Dolly Wink !

Black, Brown, pink Brown, navy Gray, greige and khaki brown, Dolly wink choose soft and naturals colors for every styles of makeup. Their eyeliner is always a good quality, easy to use and the brush can also make thin lines as well as thick.

In the video, Tsubasa talked with five popular influencers, who are active in various fields about worries from women who they heard in a preliminary survey and also the worries of the influencer’s eye makeup. It is a “eye makeup consultation video” that selects one color from the eyeliner and responds to those concerns.

Sato, who has always been on good terms with Masuwaka, expresses his worries about “bears tend to get tired”. Masuda teaches the technique of using a pink-brown eyeliner to make the bear less noticeable.

In addition, an active high school student, YouTuber Nonsuke, introduced his concerns about “thin, short, and few eyelashes”. He conveys the technique of drawing eyelashes directly on the skin with a brown eyeliner that gives the impression that it is not too tight.

Furthermore, for consultation of YouTuber “Sowwan” that “eyes are small”, a natural big eye is realized by using exquisite navy gray. The eyes of professional traveler Anna Haneishi’s eyes that “looks like a tight impression ” give advice that just changing the color to greige will soften the impression. And the eyes of Miss iD 2018 Grand Prix Teaches how to draw with a khaki brown eyeliner, and the technique of achieving a deep big eye.

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