On April 24, the magazine “Koakuma ageha“, which animates Japanese gal fashion, is reissued. A new hearing of an exclusive model for this new opus therefore started, dedicated to women aged 18 to 29 years. The application period is until June 14, 2020, and the exclusive model will be announced in the next issue.

The magazine, which was first published in 2005, has been reissued with the publisher of Number Seven and the publisher of MediaPal. The magazine is centered on Kyabajo (alias Hostess /Kyabakura’s hosts), cabaret club…. Through makeup, fashion and lifestyle, not only their sparkling appearance, but also the daily efforts behind them and their life history are represented.

On their Instagram, a message is also sent to people affected by the new coronavirus. The reissue number will be sold in bookstores, but from the perspective of “#stayhome”, they also sell online.

Official Website, Instagram.

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