As we know, the coronavirus is starting to intensify in Japan, so the Japanese have started to confine themselves. A video created with several influencers, models, youtubers… where each one leaves their little message in order to preserve Shibuya.

“We work in Shibuya, play Shibuya and like Shibuya I want to reduce Shibuya’s infection even a little bit. I want to protect it because I love it. I created a video with this in mind. With the friends who accepted, we can feel our thoughts a little … With Love and Respect for all of you. #STOP Shibuya »

Models from the magazines Egg, Nuts, as well as the models Rumi (former generation of the magazine EGG), Maya Kisanuki (Terrace House), Alisa Ueno (singer/DJ), Aya Suzuki, Sayoko Ozaki … and many more celebrities in this video.

Whether you are in Japan, France or anywhere, take care of yourself and the people you love.

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