The Best-sellers cosmetics in Japan since two eras

Have you heard about the most popular products used by Japanese people for more than two eras ? In other words, more than 100 years ! Our team gathered them in this article for you and you may find them in our box or webshop as well.

■ Shiseido Oidermin (since 1872) – 500 yens (+taxes)
It is the oldest make-up removing lotion from Shiseido to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

■ Hormone Cream Club Born in 1935 – 600 yen (+ taxes)
Over 80 years of love! This versatile cream is used for the whole body.

■ Natural foundation born in 1932 – 750 yen (+ taxes)
500 million copies sold and many stock outs. It has an authentic color, slightly tanned.

■ Shifonette Lipstick Bornin 1971 – With a cute Retro-modern package- 1000 yens (+ taxes)
An Original! The color changes with the pH of the lips, it is also difficult to remove.