What’s CuuGal?: A New japanese magazine for elementary & middle school Children. Focused in fashion trends, music, beauty, instagrammers, videocreators and more that provides tips for finding future dreams.

The magazine’s “model image”:

The young Hinata is the “model” image of the magazine, she comes from Aichi prefecture and is passionate about cosmetics, drawings, she collects different bath salts… At only 14 years old she already has 252k subscribers on her Instagram , 22.8k on Twitter, 450k on Youtube and even 2.8M on TikTok.

Other models are also in the magazine, whether boys or girls.

Cuugal also has its Youtube channel where children present “dances”, their rooms, and their favorite activities. Just like real influencers.

Official Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.

But it’s not just Cuugal who chose to highlight children who are “victims” of fashion and social media. There is also the Teens magazine which I will tell you about below:

This time it’s about attracting a slightly older generation, so the magazine chose to highlight high school students.

Same marketing trend as the other usual magazines, Teens joins social networks, offering tutorials on their daily make-ups, challenges (example: disguise the models of the magazine men as women), choreographies… and has thus made numerous collaborations in particular with the famous magazine Gyaru Egg:

Official Website, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube.

The two magazines are very good at targeting “fashion phenomena” according to the age of their listeners. As we know Japan, the models’ contract is very strict: They must lead by example, be perfect and make children and adolescents dream.

But wouldn’t this system be dangerous for them? The unveiling of privacy on social networks and knowing their influence on those who admire them from the age of 12? Like the idol system, many must miss school during their activities, pay attention to their actions, to the people they meet … Once the age limit has passed to appear in the magazine, what do these children become who were in the spotlight?

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